Great neurologist; would definitely recommend highly. Dr. Piker spent a significant amount of time with me, he listened carefully, and provided really valuable input and suggestions regarding treatment for my chronic headaches. Dr. Piker is thorough, conscientious, caring, and professional.

8/2019 David M.

Dr. Piker is the best neurologist/headache specialist out there. He takes the time to ask pertinent questions and listens carefully to the answers. He is gentle, thorough and I couldn’t ask for a better doctor.

7/2019 Reid R.

Dr. Piker is caring, super responsive to patients concerns and under stands complex medical issues. He has been the only Dr. to address my atypical migraines and give me so much relief with Botox injections. Definitely a 5 STAR Dr. worth traveling to see. My neck muscles feel so much better! Thank you so very much!

6/2019 Brenda M.

I have seen dr Piker a number of tines related to my concerns about increasing headaches following removal of 1 eye due to cancer. Before I seek advice/trearment for any medical issue, I always conduct research to find the best Dr forbthebproblem on hand. Dr. Piker also had high recommendations. His work is very professional and thorough and he always displayed compassion and understandind. He always provided excellemt meeting resumes. recommend highly

2/2019 Brenda K.

wow!  i was referred to dr. piker because he is “the headache guy” around here and i cannot believe how amazing he is!  i had chronic headaches for years & years and saw many doctors for them.  no one told me it could be birth control.  no one told me it could be diet.  everyone just threw more & more, stronger & stronger pharmaceuticals at them and hoped for the best.  dr. piker is different.  he spent an hour with me going over my long history of headaches, sleeplessness, allergies, sinus problems, food sensitivities, everything.  in the end he told me i needed 3 things: i needed to get more sleep – and prescribed melatonin and magnesium supplements to help; see an atlas orthogonal chiropractor to get my neck in alignment to relieve compression of the nerve running from my neck into my brain; and go on a 100% gluten-free diet.  this man is a godsend.  he didn’t throw more pharmaceuticals at me – he truly wanted me to get better in a natural way and to function as if these were never problems for me in the first place.  if you have headaches, please do yourself a favor and go see him.

12/2011 Malea X.

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